Monday, December 26, 2005

Authentic Breathing Web Site

There is this web site by Mr.Dennis Lewis, on " Authentic Breathing " and " Law of Least Effort " and some other phychophysical laws.

He wrote a few books, apart from authentic breathing web site, which have received 4.5 star and 5 star ratings at . Here' the site :

Here's the one on ' Law of Least Effort' :

The faux-pas was - I was using too much of force and too laborious efforts. It was painful. There was no gentleness and a lot of manipulation.
This web site says, don't do that. Don't undergo labyryinths.

Besides, if there's " Intense Effort" it only means - Sum Ting Wong. And there was greed on my part.
Here's amazon page on Mr.Dennis Lewis books :

Here's the 5-star rated book review page : read it carefully :

" Free Your Breath, Free Your Life : How Conscious Breathing Can Relieve Stress, Increase Vitality, and Help You Live More Fully "

Here's the book in question. " Tao of Breathing " amazon review page :

The Tao of Natural Breathing: For Health, Well-Being and Inner Growth (Paperback)

Visit this authentic breathing exercise site fully, read all pages, read all amazon reviews and implement and relax and say sayonara t smoking. Good luck !

HOW I FOUND IT : " Meditation Expert " people sent a mailer, an interview with U.G.Krishna Murty. They say ; his experiences and psychic powers etc were ' genuine', andthat he underwent a few stages of consciousness and ' Kundalini' and he underwent, mediation expert people, ' minor enlightenment' or ' minor tao. I was reading this. Since this is a 'gmail ' account', I stumbled upon this breathing web site, as a ' related link' a benefit for having a google email ID, which would never have happened had I subscribed to Med.Expert via yahoo or rediff ID. Thanks Google ! Thanks Mr.Eric Schmidt !

Another good breathign site has been referred here, in an interview with Mr.Dennis Lewis, on ' over breathing and hyper ventilation' . It's a breathing method invented by a Russian and is a u.k. web site.


Welcome to the UK Buteyko Breathing Centre
Welcome to the UK Buteyko Breathing Centre, the oldest established Buteyko clinic in the UK. Here you will find information on the Buteyko method, our courses and what the drug free Russian breathing method will do for you.
The Buteyko method is not just a highly effective treatment for asthma, it can be used for any breathing related illness. Indeed Professor Buteyko identified over 150 illnesses that can be resolved by correcting the breathing. Sleep apnoea, Epilepsy, Chronic fatigue, Panic attacks, Emphysema, Allergies, are a few examples.It can be used by all people over the age of 4 yrs

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Joseph Heller Interview

How did you happen to read ' Catch 22' ? On Tehelka editor recommendation. They said, during the times of distress, George Fernandez kick backs and subsequent BJP Govt's harrassment, they read ' Catch 22' and ' Animal Farm' ( I still have to read it) and enjoyed and alleviated their stress.

I read it in 2004, and LOl ed a lot and it certainly deserves a 2 nd reading. I will, after ' Good as Gold', which too received a 4.5 star rating in amazon. Here's Joseph Heller interview. The link. As suspected, he had Jewish Antecendents and his father was a truck driver and died when Mr.Heller was only 4 year old !

Heller interview :

This is from 'abc' Australia's ' BooksN Writing'

Books and Writing, with Ramona Koval, is Radio National's program devoted to literary fiction. It features in-depth discussions focusing on books, ideas and writing. You'll hear conversations with authors, along with reviews of contemporary novels, and discussion of other literary forms, such as poetry, biography and essays.
Books and Writing also presents discussion of the work of writers of the past, by hearing from literary biographers.
Essential listening for those in the literary know and those who want to be.
Radio National also broadcasts Book Talk, which focuses on non-fiction and biography. "

This is the link to the main page of ' Books and Writing'

Rediff link : The Man Booker Braidsmaids

3 books have been mentioned here.

1) The People's Act Of Love by James Meek

2) Saturday by Ian McEwan

3) A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka

... Last one you have blogged but these 2, go to amazon read reviews and post links here !

Ian Mc Ewan seems to be a great contemporary British Fiction writer. Here's his link.

including ' Saturday'.

"Yet, in the end, most critics agree that Saturday is both a substantial work of literature by one of Britain’s greatest minds and a powerful piece of post-9/11 fiction."

Here's link of Ian Mc Ewan

Here's the link of, for all Ian McEwan's books :

Here's's link, more elaborate, since he's a British Author.

Rediff : The Best Non Fiction of 2005

Here's the link :

One of them, is Jared Diamond's ' Collapse of civilizations'. Here's the amazon link :

Other books strongly recommended in this link are :

" God created integers" by Stephen Hawking.

The Ancestor's Tale - by Richard Dawkins.

A far lighter read, but one with resonance for Indians brought up on a diet of Jeeves and Wooster, is Robert McCrum's biography of Plum -- Wodehouse: A Life (Viking).

Get amazon links for all the above and edit this blog and post them here ok ?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Zen Koans

I was reading this ' Zen for Beginners' and came across this ' Koan' which is very imporant in Zen practice. And very popular Japanese item, like ' Haiku'.
A koan (pronounced / is a story, dialog, question, or statement in the history and lore of Chan (Zen) Buddhism, generally containing aspects that are inaccessible to rational understanding, yet that may be accessible to Intuition. Koans are often used by Zen practitioners as objects of meditation to induce an experience of enlightenment or realization, and by Zen teachers as testing questions when a student wishes to validate their experience of enlightenment. Here's the wiki link , to start with :

Gateless Gate is a Koan ext. link, which has some 31 Zen Koans.

These koans, or parables, were translated into English from a book called the Shaseki-shu (Collection of Stone and Sand), written late in the thirteenth century by the Japanese Zen teacher Muju (the "non-dweller"), and from anecdotes of Zen monks taken from various books published in Japan around the turn of the 20th century.

List of Koans from China Page dot com, one page site, neatly made.

A very good list of zen koan collections, both classical and modern, with hyper links , is found here.

Very interesting , one page article on ' unconditioned Buddhism and Zen', here :