Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Joseph Heller Interview

How did you happen to read ' Catch 22' ? On Tehelka editor recommendation. They said, during the times of distress, George Fernandez kick backs and subsequent BJP Govt's harrassment, they read ' Catch 22' and ' Animal Farm' ( I still have to read it) and enjoyed and alleviated their stress.

I read it in 2004, and LOl ed a lot and it certainly deserves a 2 nd reading. I will, after ' Good as Gold', which too received a 4.5 star rating in amazon. Here's Joseph Heller interview. The link. As suspected, he had Jewish Antecendents and his father was a truck driver and died when Mr.Heller was only 4 year old !

Heller interview :

This is from 'abc' Australia's ' BooksN Writing'

Books and Writing, with Ramona Koval, is Radio National's program devoted to literary fiction. It features in-depth discussions focusing on books, ideas and writing. You'll hear conversations with authors, along with reviews of contemporary novels, and discussion of other literary forms, such as poetry, biography and essays.
Books and Writing also presents discussion of the work of writers of the past, by hearing from literary biographers.
Essential listening for those in the literary know and those who want to be.
Radio National also broadcasts Book Talk, which focuses on non-fiction and biography. "

This is the link to the main page of ' Books and Writing'


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