Sunday, October 30, 2005

"World Garp" by John Irving

Read in times of India today. The writer said it's one of the most humorous novels he read. Here' the amazon link:

John Irving's another novel, " A Prayer for Owen Meany " too, got rave reviews.

Another one, strangely titles, ' A Sound like someone trying not to make a sound' , also got very high reviews in a amazon. Here's the link :

read them in fursath, preferably during office time ;-)

Social Psychology from & experiments& group behaviour

I don't know where I found this site. Dushkin dot com. It's compreshensive on social psychology, group behaviour, and experiments. Here's chaper 15, u can find other chapters too !

Here's link on ' Attribution Theory', ( we can explain every thing ! ) read, on priority basis, preferably during office hours ! LOL !

Here's Steve's primer on ' practical persuation and influence'. Must be a university site ! You will find a lot about salesman ship, would be useful in future training sessions ! Read it !

This is a wonderful article on ' sequential requests'

Saturday, October 15, 2005

group social behaviour- analysis

Follow this link : Beautiful web site :

Social Conformity Experiments

I was reading about this Robert Cialdini on influence and found this hyper link : on Asch's social conformity experimetnts. The following are the links :

............ and on normative group influence on individuals :

Friday, October 07, 2005

Human Potential Movement ( Wiki)

For a HR fellow, this is a must read !

Influence & Persuation ; Robert Cialdini (wiki)

So, I started to browse wiki for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Came to ' seduction'. Where upon, I came across 'Robert Cialdini' and his great book on the ' process of influence' '. In order to write such a book, he went under cover and spent time in ' used car sales' and tele marketing ( why he missed out on AMway, God only knows ! ) . Link here :

you can search amazon on Mr.Cialdini's book. Then, came to ' Cognitive Desonance' which is a huge subject to followu.

Persuation, seduction,Cassanovas and Don Juans

Visited Wikipedia. To read about ' NLP'. Then came across seduction and various related topics. REad them in leisure. Some related sites too. Interesting.

The link below is about NLP.

The links below are about seduction ;

......... which also contains related topics such as persuation, dating, romance, flirting etc. Good one. If only oe has leisure to read this all and with rapid reading skills.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mancur Olson the social scientist

Mr.Moncur Olson has been referred by Mr.Malcolm Gladwell in this book, the Tipping Point, which gives me a heavy work of internet research in social phychology.

Here's Moncur Olson and his social theoris of public choice, from wiki.

Olson offered a radically different account of the logical basis of organized collective action. His central thesis was that “only a separate and ‘selective’ incentive will stimulate a rational individual in a latent group to act in a group-oriented way”; that is, only a benefit reserved strictly for group members will motivate one to join and contribute to the group. This means that individuals will act collectively to provide private goods, but not to provide public goods.

Olson's "Logic of Collective Action" (1965) ran counter to this wisdom. Rather, he argued that individuals in any group attempting collective action will have incentives to “free ride” on the efforts of others if the group is working to provide public goods. Individuals will not “free ride” in groups which provide selective incentives only to active participants

More at :