Friday, January 13, 2006

Ubiquity Interviews a.k.a. " Ubiquitious Conversations"

Great link from Ubiquity. Interviews with all contemporary I.T. greats. All interviews to be read. Link to be preserved. To be cherished.

BACK TO THE FUTURE Keep this link handy, so you can use hotlinks that will take you to any Ubiquity interviews you may have missed:

read these interviews, if you intend to understand I.T. industry and go into consulting there. Johnny !

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ultimate book on Male Multiple Orgasm & steel erection ( amaz link)

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Here's the amazon link :

How I found it : Being Sunday, I visited '
and read card and at the end of it, learnt that it's been published as a book and is being reviewd at amazon. Reading post secret book reviews and one gentleman recommended this book ; which has been gifted to him on the eve of his marriage and before his honeymoon . REad reviews in leisure , johnny !

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pun Gents and other links

I was visiting the Wiki, for Puns, of which I was always interested. As is the ususal practice, here's the wiki link, to start with.

Here' s where you get a good pun of the day. There's also rating facility available. Popular puns based on visits and ratings etc. Good for a daily dose of humour.

This is ' Pun Gents' page. Good for daily or regular visits.