Sunday, August 28, 2005

Time Management ; book by Cook, Marshall J.

This is one of the books advertised by Routledge Classics. Time management by Marshall J.Cook. Visited to see how it's rated. Got a 5 star. Here's the link. U can read first few pages too.

He wrote another book , ' 10 minute guide to motivate people' which also got 5-star rating. Here's the link :

Timeline ; Robert Maynard Pirsig

Some die hard fan of Robert M.Pirsig published all that belongs to his life, to the extent allowed by the author. Here's the timeline and autobiography. And interview are also found on this site .

Saturday, August 27, 2005

List of Nobel Laureates

Nobel Winners in Literature(linx)
Here are the links ; of all the winners of Nobel for lit !!
Helluva research to be done, on search engines as well as on . And store all those reviews in a floppy, to be stored on home computer and again, to be stored on a C.D. subject wise CD.
And job. And daily upgradation. One helluva challenging life ahead, if you are enthu to meet such challenges !!
Here's the link, where Nobel Laureates are given in chronological order. You can also have bookers prize winners !!

Here's the ' current champion' , Elfriede Jelinek, Austrian female writer, Nobel for 2004 ! And the links and her works, here !

Here's another exclusive link on literature awards !

Saturday, August 13, 2005

learning-org & kofman's formula of learning

Reading amazon dot com on ' sales training' ( read more and blog it off ). I came across this word ' Kofman's formula of learning' and visited clusty.
It took me to this '' which appears to be a corporate usenet group of HR pros. Good. Visit the home page and learn more.

That sales training book I visited on amazon also mentions the importance of networking and ' The tipping point' by Malcom Gladwell.

Monday, August 08, 2005

(links) Social Networking & Mark Granovetter

When All.Bajaj people asked me to give a ' demo' , I chose this subject, ' social network' which I think is most relevant to insurance agents. As is customary, I visited Wikipedia. Here's Granovetter link :

From here, visited the external site mentioned in wikipedia. . An article on Mark Granovetter.

my link in inequality is here :

your location: Home / People & Contacts / External Board / Mark Granovetter

# So, from here, visit ' people and contacts' and you may find a wealth of inforrmation.

In this below Stanford education site, papers done by Mr.Mark Granovetter are available : such as " strength of weak ties / impact of social structure on economic outcomes ( adobe format ) / Ignorance, Knowledge and Outcomes in a Small World". Science 301 (8 August, 2003): 773-774. (Perspective on Dodds, Muhammad and Watts' "An Experimental Study of Search in Global Social Networks", / . "Economic Action and Social Structure: The Problem of Embeddedness." American Journal of Sociology, 91(November): 481-510.


and here the link of the much sought after article, strength of weak ties :

..more links follow.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

(amaz.rev) Jung Chang's ' Wild Swans"

by Jung Chang, the prof. of Chinese studies from London. Her novel, is 5-star rated in amazon. Account of china in 20 th century and Mao's atrocities. Here's amaz review.
Bursting with drama, heartbreak and horror, this extraordinary family portrait mirrors China's century of turbulence. Chang's grandmother, Yu-fang, had her feet bound at age two and in 1924 was sold as a concubine to Beijing's police chief. Yu-fang escaped slavery in a brothel by fleeing her "husband" with her infant daughter, Bao Qin, Chang's mother-to-be. Growing up during Japan's brutal occupation, free-spirited Bao Qin chose the man she would marry, a Communist Party official slavishly devoted to the revolution. In 1949, while he drove 1000 miles in a jeep to the southwestern province where they would do Mao's spadework, Bao Qin walked alongside the vehicle, sick and pregnant (she lost the child). Chang, born in 1952, saw her mother put into a detention camp in the Cultural Revolution and later "rehabilitated." Her father was denounced and publicly humiliated; his mind snapped, and he died a broken man in 1975. Working as a "barefoot doctor" with no training, Chang saw the oppressive, inhuman side of communism. She left China in 1978 and is now director of Chinese studies at London University. Her meticulous, transparent prose radiates an inner strength. Photos. BOMC alternate.

Here's the full link :

.........and here, you can read a few first pages of the book ...

She wrote another book, in collaboration with Jon Halliday, titled, " mao, the unknown story :" and their attention to meticulous detail and plethora of footnotes, got rave reviews from critics.