Thursday, March 08, 2007

Douglas Harding & the ' Headless Way' 2 spirituality

I read about this spiritual teacher , where ? Was it in ' spiritual teachers dot org' ? I dunno. Seems to be a great spiritual teacher, the founder of ' The Headless Way'. born in England. He died in January 2007, a month before his 98th birthday. Here is his site.

About Douglas Harding :

Here is the page with ' Hardings Experiments' . Worth doing

Comprehensive, illustrated, demonstrated ' Headless Experiment' from Spiritual teachers :

John Wren-Lewis ; the down-under mystic

I came across this mystic sage, who actually had the guts to ' describe' his mystical experience. Many mystics refrained from that. Their constant refrain was - ' since word is not the thing, the description means, something is always lost in translation'.

I came across this gentleman - on, when I was reading this review of Jiddu Krishnamurti's masterpiece, "Freedom from the known ". IN this very uncharitable review of his, one gentleman recommended reading of ( among others, such as Ann Faraday, Vandana Shiva etal ), John Wren-Lewis.

Visited Clusty. Many interesting websites popped up.

In the below site, there are valuable articles by Ramana Maharshi, Nisarga Datta Maharaj, Jiddu, Richard cose, John Wren-Lewis, William Samuel, Douglas Hardings, etc. Open this and read this in leisure.

In the article below, John Wren-Lewis talks about Unblocking a malfunction in consciousness .

Below, a brief profile about him , in a spiritual teachers web site :

In this site interview, he recounts his near death experience and how that lead to his mystical experience.

and visit this site, ' global ideas bank'.

As an Aside,here, Nisargadatta says, " all search for happiness leads to misery " read it here!