Sunday, July 31, 2005

schopenhaur essay on gutteberg

this is page by page reading. stopping, pausing , resuming and continuing !

Friday, July 29, 2005

Ig Nobel Prizes !!

I was reading Economic Times editorial, a tongue in cheek one. About Ig Noble prizes. Habitually, I underlined itand searched wikipedia. There is really such a prize, a tongue-in-cheek parody to Nobel, for scientific discoveries that make people laugh and then ,pause, and think .

Here isthe link, Ig Nobel home page, with listof winners and reasons for their discoveries :--)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Vandana Shiva ; eco-feminism @ amazon

Vandana Shiva , who ? I came to know about her , for the first time, when I was reading this amazon review, ' Freedom from the Known'.
Learnt, that she 's one of the leading authorities on eco-feminism ( probably a lot more influential than Dr.Vangari Mathai ) and wrote scores of books. Distribution of food supplies and future of water... etc are her favs.
Here's the amazon link :

Monday, July 25, 2005

howstuffworks - wikipedia

Regular visits to are needed. You will learn new things and retain and protect the child like curiosity viz., ' how things work' and also become tech savvy.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Amaz Reviews - Freedom from the known

These reviews and excertps of reviews, need you to further study on the lines suggested by reviewers and dosome web search. self.

( by Frank Barya (New York City, North America) )

He's a very naughty boy. Though few get to see what goes on behind closed doors, get to see the teacher's dirty laundry. Still the powerful material in this book can serve well. At ultimate, like best medicine, it can help us get beyond leaning on such things, looking to them for models, alchemical formulae; to get beyond dependence, addiction. Won't go into the whole psycho bit. Won't go into this whole scene - the books, tours, Brockwood, the Foundation. Krishnamurti's court. All that was done to protect the kernel of his precious teaching. Lying. Abortion. Was K addicted to opiates of spouting his teaching about not-teaching, caught by delusional convictions like that he didn't NEED to orate as he was able to take a dose of time out from it? Hypocrisy, self-deception, sham. If you want the real essence of what he's trying to get at, supposedly talking about, try Sankara. Or take a doctoral combination like (Laszlo's) Universal Connectivity synthesis with Hog's Wholey Wash (Mitchell) & New Science of Life (Sheldrake). Apply own heart salt, see what emerges - using direct experience as reference - something from your own love and pain, not someone else's insight, abstraction, whatever. Maybe get to chat about it all with apt professor such as John Wren-Lewis. All equivocal advaita. The prof & that hog's wash both priceless on JK-ology. But why not listen to a woman for a change? Like Ann Faraday. Vandana Shiva. Andrew Cohen's mom. Not forgetting Brian's. Or just take J Krishnamurti ACTUALLY seriously for a moment - burn beyond the intellectual, leap trip rise or fall into life's throbbing paradoxical, perchance to implode, to supernova - follow his advice and stop following his advice! LISTEN to (WITH) the birds, the tree, the flower. Our nonduality. It's all there, here - interactive - mutually embedded - overlapping & ongoing.

This review was by -- James Crow - See all my reviews

While he taught and explained the method to work with the mind, he did not know or teach the essential wisdom to create the soul. That is why his students continue in the same problems and same conflicts, and why he ended his days so frustrated and disappointed with humanity... If any student of Krishnamurti were to combine his wisdom with the profound tools of Gnosis, they would quickly discover the practical means to a complete psychological revolution. As it is, students of Krishnamurti work to revolutionize their minds, but are only able to achieve a very shallow change. To truly change the nature of one's own mind, one has to appeal to a force that is beyond the mind... Truly and sincerely, I hope that all serious students of Krishnamurti will investigate the transformative tools now available to all serious investigators of our inner state, and that they do not fall into fanaticism, believing that he taught them all there is to know. For more information about Gnosis and the complete esoteric wisdom every practitioner of every religion and tradition requires, read The Perfect Matrimony, The Great Rebellion, and The Aquarian Message, among many others, all authored by Samael Aun Weor.
( NOw I'm signing off. When I read further reviews on the same book on, i would edit and add more.. )

Thursday, July 14, 2005

philosophical conversations ( blog)

From Niezsche to Hegel, good discussion you'd get a good insider view....

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blogger gayathri

She's 30,female, HR and is a woman of varied interests.

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eckhart tolle quotes url in html

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