Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fergal Keane and Andrew Miller ( writers)

Sunday Express reviewed ' The optimists' by writer Andrew Miller. IN that review, they mentioned this book " Fergal Keane's " Season of Blood " about the Rwandan genocide. Go to amazon and research and learn this amazing author.

When I actually went to amazon dot com , there were amazing and rave reviews about the books written by Fergal Keane. Read more about him in wikipedia too !

Andrew Miller... the man whose 1 st novle and 3 rd one have brought him rave reeviews and also been nominated to bookers' prize !
Miller's 1 str and third novles, " The ingenuous pain and " the oxygen " brought him not only rave reveiews but also nominated him to the bookes' prize.
Here is the amazon link for his book reviews : read it in leisure "


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