Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisargadatta Maharaj, alias 'maruti' the cigarette vendor, who, according to many learned men, has become ' enlightened' . I don't remember, where from the internet, I got to know his name. His Book, ' I am that' ( tatvam asi ), is the most famous of them all. Searched 'clusty'. Got the following web sites. Not browsed or read them but need to. Here the sites are :

browse them in leisure.

internet offers a tremendous and the easiest platform for likeminded ( on any matter) people to join and form communities : here's the yahoo group link on Nisargadatta fans :


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A comprehensive site exclusively for Nisargadatta Maharaj. With more than 200 pages, it includes all books, hundreds of rare photos, videos, print-size portraits, and many more.
Visit :

Manu Namasivayam

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A comprehensive site about Nisargadatta Maharaj with a large collection of Books, Photos, Videos and many more :

About Nisargadatta Maharaj - Pronunciation & Meaning - Biography - Meet the Sage - Navnath Sampradaya - Nisarga Yoga - I am That - Last Days : Last Teachings - Mahasamadhi - Maharaj's residence - Monuments of Maharaj - The Style of Teaching - Consciousness - My True State - Memories of Maharaj - Narrations by various devotees - The Famous books of Maharaj - Various other books about Maharaj - Traditional scriptures often referred by Maharaj - Where to buy books - A large collection of Photos - Download PrintSize Portraits - Quotes from famous books - Other Related Sites - Videos of Maharaj - Original DVDs - Translations of I AM THAT into various languages

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