Saturday, June 18, 2005

Gurdjieff, Ramanan & UGK (sites)

Today, I visited :

and read this article ' do you have a soul?'. What were your take aways ?
1) It's impossible to prove with any tangible evidence that human beings have a soul and there is re-birth. Most possibly there is none.
2) 'enlightenment' is a physical condition of brain. Some men are biologically and neurotically more suited to this condition, than many others. It cannot be attained by practice ( one can get better ) and that their DNA is coded that way.
3) Enlightenment is no guarantee that the person who got 'it' become more ethical or responsible. Osho and George Gurdjieff were certainly more enlightened but corrupt.
4)Ramana Maharshi and R.K.Paramahamsa were also enlightened souls.
5) So called 'spiritually gifted ' too ; are like ' geniuses' in other fields such as science, sports , fine arts like music and paintings and other fields of human creativity. Their genetic structure and DNA is more disposed that way. These obvious gifts and bounties do not necessarily make them better human beings.
AT the end, the author, Mr.Christopher Calder suggested some useful sights. One of them is -

Mr.Calder wrote , according to him, ' Mr.U.G.Krishnamurti spoke more truth than anyone he know, but he (mr.calder) had never met him or he knew whether or not Mr.UGK was ' enlightened'. There are some very good audio and video clips of speeches of Mr.UGK are available. In fursath, you can download them and listen them on your computer. And send them to Malli too ; the true seeker !
and here is the rest from Mr.Christoher Calder :

Ramana Maharshi Every major religious group in India agreed that Ramana Maharshi was enlightened.
George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was a liar and drunk who many consider enlightened despite it all.
17th Karmapa, an interesting Buddhist teacher. -


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