Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Kasi Vishy
Kasi is one of the distinct individuals I ever met. For a man who's 2 years younger to me, he has so much knowledge and is so insighful of the events that occured in different phases of history. His depth and breadth both have surprised me ! Look, that's what ' quality living ' is all about. !

Some of the casual remarks he made during our conversations will haunt me for a long time to come. One, when I mentioned about Orhan Pamuk, and his loss of identity after taking to agnosticism, Kasi said ' it's like people , evolved people, missing the fun of human sacrifice' ! LOL ! great joke !

Second one is ' even non-violence' is a disguised form of violence. If Gandhi said ' I'm non violent' all he means is ' Look beta ! I may be lean and feeble. But, if you touch me and should anything happen to me, there are 30 crore people who will skin you Brits alive ! ' . Non violence is a veiled threat.

Third, today, he said, ever so insightfully, when he casually mentioned Che Guevara ( now, boy, how many people among your friends know of Che, Dr.Earnesto Guevara ? Not even Ramesh .p , or K.G.Rungs, I bet ! )- that " Che should be remembered for his concern for humanity' ". Now, that's what historians remember Che for !

Today, ( 14.June.05), Kasi asked me to get e-versions of these following books :

1) " Intelligent Woman's guide to Socialism" by George Bernard Shaw.

2) "Bolscheviks of 1917 " by Bertrand Russel

3) and "Rights of Man" by Thomos Paine.Do some search on net and see if any e-versions are available.


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