Sunday, July 29, 2007

Joel Achenbach, great journo from Washington post

Who is this Joel Achenbach ? I wondered, as I was reading Sunday Express today,on 29 July 2007. What subtle humour and depth and tragic-humour and subtelity.

It takes a lot of quality to write like that.

" My mom and step dad, were virtuous, alternative , and crunchy, before crunchy was cool ".

" Bean sprouts were ' niche market' which is what you call something when people don't like it ! "

" For $25, the breadth of our entrepreneurial spirit was awsome, though perhaps not the height. "

Now, who is this person. I had to search internet. He is not some anonymous journo. A Washington Post journalist, a colleague of Mr.Art Buchwald, and merits a mention in Wikipedia, no less !!

Wiki link here.

Yeah as I anticipated, he writes a blog too! On Washington post. Link here. Called ' Achenblog'.

" Business week " does some blogspotting. " where the worlds of business, media and blogs collide and colaborate'. Link here.


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