Saturday, July 14, 2007

websites of print mags and periodicals

Sometimes, it is important to visit the websites of those magazines and periodicals you read regularly.

Tehelka is one. Business world is another. Outlook money can be another. Book reveiws in business world are - well - out of this world.

Reading book reviews in business world introduced me to the world of Tim Harford, the ' Undercover Economist', Richard Dawkins and God delusion, and a host of other great writers and intelligentia.

I read this great review, ' The Goldilocks Enigma ' by Paul Davies.

The same review introduced me to the other great writers , in the following paragraph.

" The publishing industry can churn out ‘for dummies’ books with titles like Schrodinger’s God — Is He or is He Not?; Heisenberg’s God Uncertainty Principle, which would convey that God can be analysed or experienced, but both cannot be done simultaneously, and so on. Then there could be the megabuck business of scientific spiritualism malls that offer more technologically advanced products than currently provided by the religion businesses. "


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