Thursday, May 07, 2009 / 4 slangns and modern word play s

I came across this very interesting web site today, that contains slang words, phrases, dialects , colloquies other phrases and words coined by modern day world !

It has ' word of the day', a la and also a subscription service where ' word of the day ' is emailed to your mail box. I subscried ! ( sigh ! u the sucker for free stuff).

HOW I CAME ACROSS THIS SITE : That is an interesting story. Today morning, I saw ' The Hindu' and no interesting editorials ( on pakistan / obama / af-pak, that is ).

So, on the way, I bought this ' Deccan Chronicle'. And opened the local section. Came across the words such as ' sex-ting' and ' flirt-exting' and wrote them on the piece of paper for further net search !!

When I ' googled' for this strange looking made up / coined words, I came across this site, urban dictionary dot com,

Thanks to Deccan Chronicle , which is trendier and more suited to young readers...............


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