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There is this person called Perry Marshall, who seems to have definite ideas about the origin of Cosmos, evolution, big bang, intelligent design , and God. He nuances the difference between a 'Pattern' ( which can be created by random events) and Code ( which requires a designer ! ).

I don't know how far I agree with this, prima facie. But here is his website.

The same person posed some interesting questions about organized religion etc in this another web site.

Browse these web sites in leisure. Looks like he sends you some free articles of his, if you enter our name and email ID. Try that once.

How I found this on Net : I was reading ' Cosmic Uplink' article by Mr.Mukul Sharma. At the bottom of the article, apart from ' write your comments', there are 3 google advts ! Clicked on one of them. This is the result.

Jai Ho Google !


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