Friday, January 02, 2009

Jerry Seinfeld, the stand-up comedian.

Lady Hawke sent a quotation by Jerry Seinfeld which I found quite funny. Net searched. There's a wikipedia page on him. He's an American stand-up comedian, born to Hungarian Jewish Father and Syrian Jewish mother born in New York.

erome Allen "Jerry" Seinfeld (born April 29, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American comedian, actor and writer. He is often described as an observational comedian. He is best known for playing a semi-fictional version of himself in the situation comedy, Seinfeld, (1989-1998), which he co-created, helped write and, in the show's final two seasons, executive produced. He also starred as "Barry B. Benson" in the film Bee Movie, his first major foray back into the media since the finale of Seinfeld.

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What is ' Observational Comedy ?' Here's the answer, in the form of wiki link.


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